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November 8, 2006

George Allen-VAS

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First tecnique noticed is Position Taking with the practice of informing. On the front page, visitors can watch Allen & Warner address Virginia on the issues. New to this site, is a comparison between Webb and Allen on the issues, that only Webb had previously engaged in on his site. Issue Dialog is the tecnique with the practice of informing. In comparison, both sites address the same issues. The tecnique of empowerment is shown in different ways, such as by dropping big name endorsements on the front page, allowing visitors the option to volunteer and assorted ways to help get out the vote. The practice is mobilizing by giving visitors the necessary tools to become a supporter.

Perhaps the endorsements, which takes up a lot of space on the front page (but isn’t overpowering) is more documentation, with the practice of informing.  All endorsement links, including the NRA endorsement, are PDF files.

The dominant feature considering the endorsements is documentations with the practice of informing.

November 7, 2006

Jim Webb-VAS

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First thing I noticed on the front page is the announcement of the polls being open until 7pm, where here in NY, they’re open until 9pm. Perhaps because of a larger population here?

Anyways, one tecnique featured is documentation, with the practice of informing. The inner site link, Veterans for Webb, allows site visitors to meet of few of the veterans supporting Webb and what they have to say about the candidate. Also, with the same tecnique and feature is a link for “Women for Webb”. Another tecnique featured is empowerment, with the practice of mobizing, by allowing site visitors to take actions on their own by volunteering, contributing, and recruiting, and I guess by also giving the option of purchasing “Webb Gear”.

Another tecnique is coproduction, with the practice of informing (?), letting site visitors know that on Nov. 7 there is an election night party and where and when it is, with the information provided by  Jessica Smith (as with all events posted on the front page). Other coproduction on the site is the photo gallery, where people outside of the campaign have contributed their photos to the website.

The dominant feature on this site is Empowerment with the practice of Mobilizing since it is one of the first features you see when visiting the site. The other practicies are not as obvious (at least to me).

Hillary Clinton-NYS

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This is a very interesting site on election day. The front page features Election day information, polling places and times, and even phone numbers for areas to call the Hillary for Senate campaign office closest to you to get a ride if you need one to vote. The tecnique is Empowerment with the practice of mobilizing.  Also featured on the front is the action center with options to raise money, build support, contact the media, ect. Another example of empowerment and mobilizing. One can also get a Account. Give some basic  information about yourself and one will have access to extra online tools. I signed up with a bogus email and was given a checklist chart to keep track of my 5 friends that I joined, 3 NY voters that I registered, and two letters that I wrote to the press so I know when everything is accomplished. WOW! Thanks Hillary. Anyways, just another dominant feature of mobilizing.

This campaign site always has up to date press releases featured about herself, which would be a tecnique of documentation, with the practice of informing. Unlike her opponent Spencer, she keeps the focus on herself, and doesn’t get dirty.

(Even her campaign front page has the word “action” in it.)

John Spencer-NYS

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On the John Spencer front page of his campaign site, cleverly displays the poll information for the Republican and Conservative ballot. This would be an example of Documentation with the practice of informing. Also featured, is the tecnique of Transaction by allowing site visitors to comment on articles left by the site producer (or blog), and the producer interacts by replying. The practice is involving site visitors. There are links on the front page articles that allows site visitors to view his debates with H. Clinton, also much discussion on the Clinton vs. Spencer political competition.
Another tecnique is Empowerment, with the practice of mobilizing. On the front page, one can take action by volunteering, ask 5 friends for support, or email signup. This entices visitors for support of the candidate.
I assume the produer for this campaign site is a citizen since it seems to be produced by an individual and not an organization, which I didn’t notice before because it is paid for by Spencer for Senate (and I originally assumed it was Spencer himself). Anything on the site linked & related to Join Spencer pops a window up that says JoinSpencer is a username, and the person is Mathew Briney. All the articles written on the front page are by Join Spencer, and one can see the Join Spencer link all over the website.

The dominant feature is involving, since the front page is devoted to getting site visitors to comment (or blog) on what the producer has written about on the Senate race between Spencer and Clinton.

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