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November 7, 2006

Jim Webb-VAS

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First thing I noticed on the front page is the announcement of the polls being open until 7pm, where here in NY, they’re open until 9pm. Perhaps because of a larger population here?

Anyways, one tecnique featured is documentation, with the practice of informing. The inner site link, Veterans for Webb, allows site visitors to meet of few of the veterans supporting Webb and what they have to say about the candidate. Also, with the same tecnique and feature is a link for “Women for Webb”. Another tecnique featured is empowerment, with the practice of mobizing, by allowing site visitors to take actions on their own by volunteering, contributing, and recruiting, and I guess by also giving the option of purchasing “Webb Gear”.

Another tecnique is coproduction, with the practice of informing (?), letting site visitors know that on Nov. 7 there is an election night party and where and when it is, with the information provided by  Jessica Smith (as with all events posted on the front page). Other coproduction on the site is the photo gallery, where people outside of the campaign have contributed their photos to the website.

The dominant feature on this site is Empowerment with the practice of Mobilizing since it is one of the first features you see when visiting the site. The other practicies are not as obvious (at least to me).

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