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November 7, 2006

Hillary Clinton-NYS

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This is a very interesting site on election day. The front page features Election day information, polling places and times, and even phone numbers for areas to call the Hillary for Senate campaign office closest to you to get a ride if you need one to vote. The tecnique is Empowerment with the practice of mobilizing.  Also featured on the front is the action center with options to raise money, build support, contact the media, ect. Another example of empowerment and mobilizing. One can also get a Account. Give some basic  information about yourself and one will have access to extra online tools. I signed up with a bogus email and was given a checklist chart to keep track of my 5 friends that I joined, 3 NY voters that I registered, and two letters that I wrote to the press so I know when everything is accomplished. WOW! Thanks Hillary. Anyways, just another dominant feature of mobilizing.

This campaign site always has up to date press releases featured about herself, which would be a tecnique of documentation, with the practice of informing. Unlike her opponent Spencer, she keeps the focus on herself, and doesn’t get dirty.

(Even her campaign front page has the word “action” in it.)

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